Telephone jammers are becoming more popular in the United States

Mobile phone jammers are becoming more popular, but the risk is lower. In the United States, gadgets called phone jammers are becoming more and more popular, but the risks are also small. Security experts say this is illegal and potentially dangerous.

San Diego (CBS 8)-Gadgets known as “telephone jammers” are becoming more popular in the United States, but they also take great risks. Security experts say this is illegal and potentially dangerous.

You can thank someone in Philadelphia who is tired of other bus passengers yelling on their phones because cell phone jammers have caused sudden peaks on the Internet. These devices can be purchased online at a price between $ 40 and $ 1,000, which is what some security experts are concerned about.

The communications coordinator said: “In addition to crime, if someone uses this phone to call the police or fire department, for example, 911, it will prevent them from making calls.” Sergeant Jeff Hebert (Jeff Hebert).

According to the FCC’s recently published FAQ for mobile phone portable jammer, these are “illegal radio transmitters designed to prevent, prevent or interfere with authorized radio communications”. And stay connected. ”

Since the beginning of Philadelphia history, the “mobile jammer” has been one of the top 10 searches in Google Trends.

In the United States, it is illegal to own or use one without the permission of the government. These devices can be sold on a few websites, most of which are operated by overseas distributors.

Herbert said: “Followed by fines and imprisonment clauses. The Federal Communications Commission worked very hard to prosecute those who sell and sell these devices.”

The maximum fine for each violation is $ 16,000, and the maximum fine for a given act is $ 112,500. Possessing interferers may also result in the government confiscating illegal equipment and criminals, including prisons, and sanctions.

Herbert said: “The message is not to use them. It really doesn’t make sense to use them. If others use their phones by your side, stay away.”

So far, Herbert told us that he has not heard of anyone being arrested during our ride for using a cell phone jammer.