Remote killing with drone

Unmanned opportunity stabs or why every VIP should protect itself from drones. Last Saturday (August 4), Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro The first attack of the drama of the aircraft) (President Maduro rolled his eyes after the explosion)).

The specifics are not clear at this time, but one thing is clear: UAVs equipped with improvised explosive devices exploded shortly after President Maduro spoke in front of thousands of soldiers in Caracas.

To our knowledge, this is the first assassination of a VIP using a drone, and although such attempts may not be successful (President Maduro survives), drone jammer carrying bombs should seriously warn authorities to protect their VIP.

The analysis of Maduro’s assassination attempts is problematic, because many details are unknown, but as far as we know, we can say:

1) Drones or drones (probably drones) can approach the president without anyone providing any information about the existence of drones in the area, or even hostile drones.

2) Since the explosion, drones have successfully transported some type of improvised explosive device. The size, weight and effectiveness of the improvised explosive device were unknown, but the detonation was successful. One can only imagine what would happen if these drones exploded next to the president.

The drone solution has been officially put into use here. For two and a half years, skylifr has been providing anti-drone systems (made by perfectjammer I). This system has the operational advantages of two systems:

1) Drone detection: The most important thing is that the system will provide knowledge, or in fact valuable information about the drone in the air, and we can now decide what to do with this information because it is more advanced. Called “Action Intelligence.”

2) Testing is performed through three different disciplines:
One. Radio Frequency-Detects radio frequency signals from drones up to 3 or 4 kilometers away.
b. Radar-Doppler pulse radar, can detect 3 to 3.5 kilometers.
c. Camera-Visual / optical inspection with thermal camera, low light up to 2 km.

3) UAV interference countermeasures.
perfectjammer has been developing anti-drone solutions for 4.5 years and has been providing systems for 2.5 years, giving the company a true “on-the-ground” experience.