Jammers are more powerful interference equipment in modern society

In a report recently published by the Online Publishing Association, statistics show that 68% of smartphone users today say that they will not survive without a valuable smartphone. I guess they are a group of stubborn children. No matter what job you do or who you are, you can live even without a smartphone.

Unless I know nothing about recent technological achievements, smartphones will not be able to provide you with food or water. They don’t make fire, take medicine or have children. All these smartphones and all their applications and almost inoperable artificial intelligence cannot camp in the rain, cannot build houses before winter, and cannot help you fight against wolves. If you think you like modern smartphones because it is a very useful tool to make your life easier, then it will definitely let me agree with you. Hammers are also useful tools to make life easier, but I can hardly imagine that nearly 70% of hammer owners in the world say

It is not only completely wrong to pretend that you cannot survive without a smartphone, but it is also somewhat offensive. It’s like saying that you can’t do without air conditioning, Christmas gifts or deadly poison. The vast majority of people in the world do not have all these things, and I think most of them have a very happy life. But 68% of smartphone users are willing to imply that all these people are not worth living because they do n’t have a smartphone in their pocket to tell them the latest news or use plants to fight their zombies.

I think many of all OPA survey respondents are complaining that they cannot imagine their lives without a smartphone. This is a careless answer to this important question, so I doubt someone will find that at least a group of people equate smartphones with things like food and water. Fixed language is important, so if millions of smartphone users are willing to agree completely when someone asks them “Do they need a smartphone to live”, I think it ’s totally wrong

To me, this modern problem is a recent symptom of a larger problem that has corroded the United States for at least 25 years. gps jammer can solve this problem. To be precise, it seems that many people find it difficult to understand the difference between “need” and “want”. In the era of the fastest development in human history, life in a prosperous country flourished, and the boundaries between what made life possible and what made life comfortable have been simply erased. Today, most Americans can still buy daily necessities such as food, water, and some shelters. For most people, this stability has been around for decades.

Since the cornerstone of survival is now often taken for granted, we have reached the point where no food is regarded as a necessity, just as our blood is regarded as a necessity. No ordinary person would think that he needs to pump blood through veins at all times, nor will he live because of a beating heart. This is what our body is like, and we have not considered it. If you read this blog, you may think of food and water in the same way. You don’t have to emphasize its source, because it still exists. Therefore, because our essential food always exists, this fact enables us to start creating new things for our lives. We need our air conditioner. We need TV. These headphones cost $ 400. Without advanced smartphones, we cannot survive. It seems that we have become a huge youth country, those hysterically shouting “You are wasting my life!” When parents take away our smartphones or car keys.