Can a jammer escape legal sanctions?

There have been many verbal debates on the issue of installing GPS trackers on vehicles and monitoring every movement without a judicial order. In this way, although it theoretically violates the privacy of others and it is illegal to monitor others without a judicial order, it is also for the good of the public in terms of reason.

The Obama administration told all judges that the Obama administration has completely released the right to monitor it as long as it is needed, without any legal control. The federal government says this also includes connecting GPS tracking devices to the Supreme Court ’s vehicle. In this era, the credit card size and price of gps jammer tools are under $ 200, which is a shocking idea, and more and more GPS tracking tools will become smaller and cheaper like all other products , The function is more powerful. Other PC equipment.

I listened carefully to these arguments, and worried that my quick filling of the minibar in a comfortable DC hotel might lead to the final court ruling under the privacy law.

This thought-provoking fear is not out of reach. The reason is as follows: I just went to BYOB to get the soda, beer and snacks in the hotel’s minibar-I will save it for later and replace it with the Sierra Nevada Ales. It was only later that I saw the notice in the refrigerator saying:

When the Supreme Court debates whether Americans have “reasonable” expectations, their activities will not be monitored electronically. But today, we paid $ 300 for this hotel room, which will secretly monitor your drinking, when millions of people “voluntarily” check “everything on FourSquare and Facebook, and we automatically provide each Kind of mobile application, we will use all rights to follow us anytime, anywhere.

All of this means that we voluntarily conduct various unfounded inspections of our movements.

But for those who are unwilling to let the authorities take action and let them track you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can choose. A jammer that uses a GPS tracker for a car will not work properly no matter what type of GPS tracker is connected to the vehicle.