Frequency jammer attempts to interrupt communication signals of different frequencies

Frequency jammers try to interrupt communication signals of different frequencies, thereby preventing many wireless devices from communicating correctly. Due to the saturation of noise in the frequency, the jammer can use a 3G mobile phone network, Bluetooth, GPS, radar or infrared reader to put the system aside.

According to Spanish law, the use of these devices is not allowed, because many people abuse the device, and the consequences may be serious. For a period of time, in order to avoid being fined by radar, jammers were illegally installed in vehicles because their range of action did not allow the detection of vehicles exceeding authorized speeds.

Another common use discovered by law enforcement and security companies is the use of portable jammer to block alarm systems installed in homes and businesses. This allows criminals to enter and commit any type of crime, but the security system cannot operate normally.

Even if the Securitas Direct Sentinel anti-prohibition alarm is disabled, the alarm will remain active. Since the ATN network is used, the interference detector can send an alarm to the alarm receiving center when it detects frequency interference that attempts to interfere with the safety system. The Sentinel system also has an SOS button through which you can immediately contact our security experts, and we can help you in an emergency. Because of this uncontrollable system, it has been possible to take action in less than 30 seconds since the problem was discovered, with excellent value for money, as well as invasion, destruction, medical emergencies, or fires.

Despite the power grid interruption, telephone line interruption, or attempts to suppress frequency, Sentinel alarms will continue to operate due to the use of Securitas Direct’s more than 1,500 antennas throughout the country. These antennas can send information through the ATN communication network at any time, and automatically send an alarm signal when trying to silence the alarm.

The outpost siren also monitors humidity, temperature and air quality levels to ensure the safety of all personnel nearby. If a dangerous reading occurs, Sentinel will issue an alarm signal and follow the appropriate regulations, because high temperatures may negatively affect people living in dangerous areas such as babies or the elderly. Reading the humidity level may indicate flooding of the property or leakage of water pipes in the house or enterprise. Finally, before reaching a dangerous level, measuring air quality can tell us the concentration of gases or other harmful health.

In order to provide users with greater security and peace of mind, we can view all environmental data recorded by our latest generation of sensors on the screen of the device itself or through the My Verisure mobile application in real time because it has a feature called “Sentinel Comfort” Special part. In addition to viewing current data, its advanced options also allow you to compare historical records or customize hazardous areas to create alerts based on our specific conditions.