Learn to use a jammer to protect yourself

Inspired by the famous terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become a more important technology for people who seek to protect people from possible terrorist acts or suppress dissidents. Moreover, there is no shortage of companies willing to provide mechanisms to ensure these job opportunities.

So many technology companies have tools that allow the government to easily crack the special and powerful electronic devices of mobile phones and computers that can intercept Internet communications that record all activities across the country. Let you beware of cyber criminals. Wall Street newspaper. These documents are about 200 documents from 36 different organizations, obtained by those who attended the secret security meeting last month.

Many of the technologies presented at the conference are related to monitoring large amounts of information. A company selects or captures thousands of simultaneous conversations from a large number of fixed-line and mobile phone networks. Another feature is how he helped China ’s first mobile operator monitor China ’s mobile phone content and applications in real time. The Wall Street Journal cited information from conference operator TeleStrategies that the retail market for annual monitoring tools has barely grown from 2001 to more than $ 5 billion this year.

However, some international companies have found that they have received unnecessary attention due to recent business activities. Cisco Systems began to feel the unpleasant impact of the lawsuit launched earlier this year, accusing the technology company of providing and helping maintain a huge surveillance system that allowed Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all Internet activities by a spiritual group . Cisco officials dismissed all allegations and claimed that Cisco is selling the same legal equipment in China as other countries in the world in accordance with US government laws and regulations.

As you can see, if Cisco sells the same equipment worldwide, then American citizens may be at risk as much as Chinese. Actually, we are already. Therefore, please use anti-surveillance 4G jammer to protect yourself and make sure no one is watching you. And, of course, you are welcome to comment here!