GPS jammers are very difficult to a large extent

Arexis jamming pods have the ability to filter through the intelligent use of DRFM jamming techniques (such as smart noise, false targets) and thereby protect the entire strike formation against low-frequency radar approach and deviation.

But the service still keeps MAPS in the background. The goal is to develop an open architecture-MAF (Modular APS Framework), which can be used in any current or future armored vehicle to connect and use the best radar from different vendors, cheap GPS interference And death shooter. In this way, the military can easily update the vehicle protection with new technologies provided by all suppliers.

When the gps jamme is several kilometers away, the difficulty will be slightly greater. US missile ballistic missiles usually focus on their destination long before approaching the target. They also have a clever way to calculate the distance to the target, and as the distance increases, they do not rely on GPS. Even so, GPS interference is still very difficult. However, making small changes is not too difficult, just enough to invalidate ultra-precision weapons. When you know someone is going to operate in a very specific area, such as the ships we broadcast around the world. In other words, we continue to perform one of the stealth drones of the same reconnaissance mission, time and time again (looking at Iran). Kissing is easier. Because you almost completely understand where they work, you can focus on that particular area. It is easy to fuck through training operations.

Therefore, the weaker radar cross section and radar absorbing material will constitute the necessary but insufficient characteristics of the sixth generation fighter. Some theorists believe that advanced detection techniques will eventually make stealth cells obsolete-they cannot be upgraded as easily as avionics and weapons. Therefore, interference, electronic warfare and anti-infrared defense will also become more important.

However, the fusion of sensors and optional management means that the sixth-generation jets rely heavily on data links and networks, which may be disrupted by interference or even hacked. Ground logistics networks, such as the F-35 ALIS system, are expected to greatly improve efficiency, but even expose ground aircraft to potential cyber attacks.

The developer of the B-52 weapon added that the second element is planned to be completed in 2022, and it will integrate more modern or advanced weapons, such as long-range air-to-surface missiles, and even JASSM, JASSM Extended Range (ER) and a A technique called micro launch bait (MALD). A variant of the MALD-J “jammer” will also be integrated into the B-52, which can also be used to block enemy radar technology.