WIFI jammer is a short-range wireless technology

The full name of WIFI is Wireless Fidelity, but the correct wording should be “Wi-Fi”, but we usually abbreviate it as “Wifi”. This is wireless LAN technology. Wireless routers, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, drones, etc. are very common in our lives, and are all used for WIFI connection.

In 1999, when the person in charge of IEEE defined the 801.11 standard, IEEC decided that the wireless network technology invented by CSIRO was the best wireless technology in the world. Therefore, CSIRO has become WI-FI2010. Basic technical standards. It was invented by the Australian government research organization CSIRO in the 1990s and successfully applied for a patent for wireless network technology in the United States in 1996. The inventor is a group of engineering technicians who graduated from the United States. “The University of Sydney is led by Dr. John O’Sullivan, a graduate of the University of Sydney’s engineering department. The wireless network invented by John O’Sullivan is hailed by the Australian media as the most important technology in Australian history invention,

Let us look at the principle of WIFI technology. wifi jammer refers to “wireless compatibility authentication” in the wireless LAN category. It is essentially a commercial authentication and wireless network technology. Previously, we were connected to the computer via a network cable, and Wi-Fi was connected via radio waves. Therefore, if it is a wireless network, the effective signal coverage of this wireless router can be connected via Wi-Fi. A router connected to an ADSL line or another Internet line is called a hotspot.

We can also understand WIFI as a kind of wireless broadband: in fact, it can convert wired network signals into wireless signals and allow computers, mobile phones, PDAs, etc. Partners, responsible for their technology. If the mobile phone has a WIFI function, when the wireless WIFI signal is available, the Internet cannot be accessed through the Unicom mobile network, thereby saving traffic costs. However, the WIFI signal can also be provided by a wired network, such as a broadband signal at home or a public place, and as long as a wireless router is connected, the wired signal can be converted into a WIFI signal. . now,

Compared with 3G Internet access, the latest 2G Internet access, in general, most wifi is fast, energy-saving, no traffic limit, wireless devices do not need to insert a SIM card, which means that our mobile phones do not need to put a SIM card, you can go online Too.

The biggest advantage of WIFI is that you can access the Internet without using data traffic, which can greatly reduce the cost of data traffic. You can use WIFI to play games and watch movies as needed. Without worrying about traffic.

However, WIFI also has many shortcomings: first, security, because WIFI is a developing network environment, personal information may be stolen, and then WIFI is a short-range wireless technology. Not functioning properly.