Jammers are a good device for intercepting signals

The Queensland Police will be equipped with a signal drone jammer at the 21st Commonwealth Games in April to land the drone. Many police officers will carry MkII DroneGuns, which are manufactured by the company DroneShield based in Sydney and registered with ASX.

DroneGun looks like a rifle, but instead of a bullet, it triggers a radio signal, which interferes with the communication between the drone and the pilot. portable jammer usually allow drones to make a vertically controlled landing or return to their starting point-the default action of most drones that have lost communication-“help investigate to identify pilots.” The device has a maximum range of 2 km, it can also cut off any video transmission from the drone to the drone pilot, and can block GPS signals.

“Given the development of unmanned technologies and the harmful use of these technologies abroad, security agencies and armed forces around the world must ensure aviation safety in all important events,” the spokesperson said. The Queensland Police Department said. They added: “The Commonwealth Games is a gathering of approximately 6,600 athletes from 70 countries. Therefore, the safety agency provides the highest level of safety for the event.”

In the past three years, DroneShield has provided security for the Boston Marathon and last year ’s Ironman World Championships. Last year, the Swiss police used DroneGuns at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Since the end of last year, DroneShield has been a member of the Australian Department of Defense team. This is a plan jointly initiated with the Australian Department of Trade and Defense to promote the development of the Australian defense industry abroad.

“Importantly, the deployment of” Guns Drone Interference “enhanced the capabilities of Australia’s domestic defense industry. By protecting the community during the April incident, QPS can be based on the addition of the Queensland Police Department that this Australian company is committed The Australian Federal and State Police have established stronger relationships with security agencies.

DroneShield is not the only manufacturer of anti-drones equipment listed on ASX. Department 13 produced an anti-drone platform called Mesmer. Mesmer works by intercepting the digital radio between the drone and the pilot before using the same communication protocol to “control by reorganizing the communication architecture and increasing the priority of one control device relative to the other”. signal.