The jammer can make you quit the bad habit of watching mobile phones

With the development of modern social science and technology, people ’s lives have entered an intelligent state, and mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool for people. The temptation that people can hardly leave their phones is to eat. In fact, sleep is bad behavior, and smartphones have seriously affected people ’s lives. life. How do smartphones affect our lives? A new study shows that parents ’dependence on mobile phones affects their relationship with their children. So what are the negative effects of parents on children?

Parents can directly affect their children by playing mobile phones. Their children have a strong ability to imitate. So it’s best not to play in front of your child’s mobile phone for a long time. If you can’t help being attracted to your mobile phone, don’t worry too much. The phone portable jammer helps you correct your children’s bad habits of playing mobile phones. Let them return to naive innocence.

After reading an article, I recently found that my parents are leaving a message saying that their children or their mobile games, you do n’t know what to do, as mobile games always cause headaches for students and parents. However, they ca n’t serve their parents and sometimes are not busy ‘S social gathering did not come back late at night. You go home to watch TV and play with your mobile phone. There is no one to accompany you after school. You cannot go out during the holidays. What else can you do if you do n’t have a mobile phone?

Children who play with mobile phones will not only have harmful effects on their eyes, but also maintaining a fixed posture for a long time may also be affected by the development of the spine. Parents play mobile phones without paying attention to their children’s feelings. Children compensate for the damage, they may cry, throw things to attract their parents’ attention, and they can also use their mobile phones and play games to have fun. This will seriously affect the relationship between parents and children. Some psychologists say that parents and children playing mobile phones together are actually a kind of “cold violence” and emotional indifference to their children.