Does gps tracking violate our privacy

In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, we found that the most obvious is the development of mobile phones, the upgrade of mobile phones can be fundamentally changed, from the original key mobile phones, mobile phones now full-screen browser, not only from appearance, but also from performance and performance The functions are greatly improved. Therefore, today’s mobile smart phones are almost human PDAs. They have the same functions as computers. More importantly, they have the characteristics of notebook computers, which is unmatched by computers. In these phones, we found a technology used, that is, gps jammer positioning technology. Regarding GPS, we are more or less familiar with our travels and lost things. It plays a very important role. Of course, it has a negative impact.

Recently, an employee of a foreign trade company went to work to do some private business. Therefore, he suffered from wholesale and good business. What’s wrong The company uses a new mobile application to check the attendance of staff. It can accurately locate the real-time location of employees, and record the location of employees through mobile phone positioning in case of unexpected needs. fine. For the company’s management style, many people think that this is an invasion of privacy, ignoring the rights of employees and keeping them under surveillance, which makes them uncomfortable.

According to the report, many companies use mobile phone location management to check employees, believing that it can improve employee productivity and “clear” employees. The application of scientific and technological progress to personnel management is not a big problem in itself, but it is also a manifestation of the exercise of autonomy in the selection and employment of units, but participation in positioning mobile phones cannot be abused. The name of the existence that encroaches on the private life of the workers, excessively interferes with the private activities of the workers.

In fact, not only do similar privacy vulnerabilities exist in business, but in many mobile applications, current users need to be located to provide more services. For many people, this is a common thing, but the usual thing is your property and personal safety. The personal information collected by us on the APP is likely to be disclosed, which allows criminals to cancel, they can engage themselves or our relatives and friends in criminal fraud activities, which shows how dangerous it is.

Although improving the functions of mobile phones is feasible for our lives, it also puts us at risk. The use of mobile GPS positioning requires careful consideration. Mobile phone location tracking often occurs in our lives. We need to keep the location of the privacy insecure, so that our whereabouts can be well protected to a certain extent, and the mobile phone. Multifunctional portable cellular is our protection tool. If you are worried about being tracked, it is not too late to buy.