Jammers give you a fulfilling holiday

This is already a new year, which means it is time for a family vacation. This winter vacation is not only a great opportunity to relax and spend time with your loved ones, but also a good time for thieves to raise funds. Many people leave their homes for vacations in winter, so that their houses or apartments are completely free from attacks by thieves and criminals. This is why many houses are robbed every winter. I think that a happy holiday home from a perfect holiday and find that your house is robbed will be a disaster. Therefore, in this article, we will try to provide you with some advice and tips on how to make your house and property safe,

The first and easiest advice to follow is to try to cover up the fact that you are on vacation. You should know that criminals also use the latest gadgets and social networks, and they will certainly try to monitor the activities of their potential victims. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are places where victims will definitely tell all their friends that they are leaving the city. The happiest thieves will even find information about when the target will return home. The best post or tweet is as follows: “Go to Hawaii! BRB, January 17th, let’s celebrate!” Or something similar. People are still not very cautious on the Internet and various social networks. Foursquare may be the best for thieves because if you sign in in Hawaii, you are 100% not in Los Angeles or New York. These network resources provide thieves with many pointers on how to plan their attacks.

You should also be very careful with wireless locks and various wireless smart home systems. Most wireless locks have security holes, and malicious factors can try to use them. If you manage to install an alarm system at home, it will definitely leave you with a higher chance, which is cool. If you live on the second floor or in a bungalow, you should make sure that all valuables are removed from the windows and cannot be seen from the outside. It is best to move all luxury goods and other valuables out of sight.

You should also consider setting up a video surveillance system at home. It is not very expensive, but it is a fairly effective measure. As long as you avoid using wireless webcams, they are vulnerable to attacks. Your neighbors can install multi-function wifi cell phone signal portable jammer, which will definitely hinder your work. These wireless devices are easy to install, but the reliability is definitely poor. The Wi-Fi jammer protocol is also vulnerable to attacks by various hackers.

We should also mention that there are many different devices that can help you protect your house. For example, we can mention FakeTV. This is a small tool the size of a coffee cup. It is equipped with 12 high-brightness LED lights to imitate the work of a 27-inch TV. You can place it near the window, just set a timer so the device knows when to turn it on and off. Anyone who looks at your house from the outside will definitely notice that there is a TV working there, and the regular time will make evil people think you are at home.

perfectjammer Company wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Prepare for the upcoming holiday and ensure the safety of your house.