Whether schools should install jammers has become a controversy in education

Military jammers (a box-sized device with an antenna design) that we often see in movies and TV series, click the switch. Russian military early warning aircraft use satellite navigation to attack danger. South Korea has confirmed that when the United States and South Korea carried out military exercises on Pyongyang Island on the sea on December 20, North Korea ’s unmanned reconnaissance operation destroyed the South Korean GPS global positioning system, so the drone cannot play a military role. According to a report by South Korea ’s Central Daily on December 23, senior South Korean government officials said that due to South Korea ’s military intervention in South Korea ’s remote control, South Korea ’s military training in South Korea did not play the role of reconnaissance for unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. He withdrew from the Chinese unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and enjoyed other smart devices.

We should all have seen the game consoles that catch dolls and throw coins at the doll farm. It’s not easy to catch a baby. However, in Hexi, Nanjing, Mr. Wang found in a supermarket on a doll machine that babies were always quickly caught by people in the machine, and something went wrong. He watched the nearby waiters discover the problem. Mr. Wang has 10 scraping machines in the store, and there is also a vending machine that allows customers to pay for games with cash or the Internet. Mr. Wang observed that when four young people came to catch the doll, the slot machine did not enter the account, but the game currency mysteriously disappeared. The store recorded losses of approximately 15,000 games.

Cheating is the enemy of maintaining fair examinations. In the 2015 college entrance examination season, how does the Russian education department fight cheating and maintain fairness? According to the official bulletin issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, many areas of the inspection room are newly equipped with mobile phone signal shielding equipment and video surveillance systems. Preliminary statistics show that this year’s college entrance examination cheating rate is significantly lower than last year. For example, in the examination of Chinese subjects, 211 candidates from Russia were disqualified due to disciplinary fraud, far lower than the 320 in the previous year. Not only has Russia installed portable jammer in schools, but the French government plans to ban school children from using mobile phones in schools.

The radio waves emitted by the signal jammer correspond to the same frequency or frequencies of ordinary radio waves, thereby causing interference or radio interference and interfering with legal communications. Telecommunication transmission and harmful radiation are a problem. This is the problem of other jammers, including those who do not use radio waves. The received radio waves hinder others from operating the equipment. In this method, the signal is transmitted and received by expanding the signal to a wider frequency width, thereby preventing the enemy from intercepting and jamming. Some devices may cause communication problems with other wireless devices, regardless of frequency.