Jammers are slowly changing our way of life

According to the survey, the four young people are from the same unit. They caught the doll not by luck but by illegal use of jammers. In front of the police, the suspect Limou disturbed the coin machine and sold the coin machine and quickly spit out 13 game coins. According to the suspect, they have been to the store dozens of times since October, each time stealing 20 or 30 dolls.

Of course, even under such strict supervision measures, few candidates still choose to take risks. The federal education agency Sergei Kravzov deceived most people “not at ease”: “On June 5, a cell phone ringtone was suddenly made in a geographic subject examination room in a certain area. A female student participated The test was taken to hide her mobile phone. Suddenly, a ringtone rang, and the “careless” candidates who entered the test room remembered to forget to put the mobile phone in silent mode. She was immediately taken out of the classroom and disqualified from the exam. “Old” cheating appeared in Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

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For these phenomena, in that case, people will take corresponding measures to reduce the impact on the signal, creating mobile phone signal interference devices, these devices are also upgraded as the signal rises. The mobile phone signal jammer is very sturdy and has the characteristics of fullness. For example, it is compact and portable. It is only suitable for the corresponding mobile phone signal. The widespread popularity of smart phones (such as cell phone signal jammers) can help people get rid of the harmful noise in mobile phones. Maybe we want to learn more about it. How does a cell phone signal jammer work?