Jammers provide the best protection for your quiet environment

In order to meet the needs of more customers, we recently launched a powerful 12-band jammer. As we all know, the current interference frequency band is generally less than eight, which can not meet the needs of more people. Therefore, now we have developed “Adjustable Power CDMA DCS GSM GPS 3G 4GLTE WIFI VHF UHF Lojack 433mhz 315mhz 12-Jammer”. This signal jammer is our latest product in 2018 and has many advantages in providing the best protection for your privacy and quiet environment.

This high-power signal portable jammer has 12 new antenna designs, this latest 12 high-power antenna signal jammers and CDMA 4S CDMA DCS GSM GPS and mobile phone signals are all cut off 4GLTE 3G WIFI VHF UHF Lojack 433mhz 315mhz the device The maximum radius interference range can reach 70 meters, and the minimum range is 50 meters. Therefore, the most powerful one is the adjustable GPS WiFi VHF UJ LoJack 3G 4G mobile phone jammer that has been used here, so that it can easily adjust the interference band. In addition, the high-quality cooling system design makes this WiFi GPS VHF UHF LoJack 3G 4G adjustable mobile jammer easy to work 24 hours a day.

Mobile phone jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and military purposes, designed to interfere with criminal and terrorist communications. Bombs were dropped in Spain in March 2004, bomb explosions in Bali in October 2002, and explosions in Jakarta in August 2003, all of which depended on mobile phones to trigger explosives. According to reports, a mobile jammer prevented an assassination attempt on Pakistani President Musharraf in December 2003. But it may also be used illegally and improperly. On the more suspicious side of legitimacy, there are rumors that hotel chain disruptors are preventing any use of mobile phones by users and forcing them to use in-room phones at high prices.