The jammer is a terrible jamming device

After investigation, the leak was caused by differences in time zones across Russia. Russia traverses nine time zones in Eurasia. The national exam starts at 10 am local time, which means that candidates in the Far East are 9 hours earlier than Western Europe. At the end of the exam, candidates from the Far East will post their exam questions online, while candidates from Western Europe will get the exam title. Prime Minister Medvedev was very angry about this and asked the committee to review it and cancel the examination results of the candidates. In response to cheating in the college entrance examination, Russia has formulated a series of detailed and strict disciplinary measures.

Mobile phone signal jammers are interference devices for mobile phone signals. Current mobile phone signals mainly include 2G, 3G and 4G signals, but with the development of science and technology, 5G signals will be generated soon and popularized in the near future to make your network smoother. In the information age, these are all manifestations of human progress. The generation of 5G signals will inevitably lead to the generation of 5G signal interference. Mobile phone signal portable jammer can be installed in quiet public places such as libraries. It is best to stop the call and provide them with a quiet reading environment.

Portable jammers, also known as signal scrambling interceptors, provide the best solution in areas where cellular communications are often unpopular. It will stop the signal transmission between the cell phone and cell phone tower. The cell phone signal blocking interferes with the mobile phone by sending radio waves that use the same frequency as the phone. When you turn on the mobile phone signal jammer, all mobile phones in this area will be prompted to “no service”. You don’t have to worry about other electronic devices, as this will not affect non-cellular communications. This will only interfere with the mobile phone signal, will not interfere with the normal use of other electronic devices, and will not cause harm to the human body itself.

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