Mobile phone jammers have good interference performance

We installed the signal arrangements necessary for the service provider to maintain and prevent others from using it with the help of a dedicated mobile phone encryptor, but we blocked the signals of all service providers in the temple in order to prevent the use of believers on mobile phones, “he said He added that this initiative has been successful so far. He said: “Because of the new initiative, believers are at ease. He added that the vast majority of believers are satisfied with the new decision.

Mobile phone jammers are other desktop jammers that are compact and stylish, not to mention cake boxes, so it’s easy to hide mobile jammer drones everywhere-if you don’t want others to find it. Improvements have also been made on the antenna-the built-in device, although the appearance is not big, but the accommodation effect can not be small, the mobile phone portable jammer still maintains good performance. Powerful output power, the device has a perfect coverage of about 40 meters, which means that all 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phones have lost the ability to connect with others, including wireless through the signal chat application tool. In addition to the WIFI jammer, if operated by WIFI 2400-2500MHZ, it can also block wireless tablets, iPads, wireless spy cameras and recorders to protect our phone intervention.

The signal jammer is 2G, 3G wifi jammer and mobile phone, GPS and jammer, is a combination of LoJack jammer, portable, can be moved to any location. For example, when we get in the car, if you want to use GPS (GPSL1 1500MHz-1600MHz) and LoJack device signal (LoJack 160MHz-175MHz) instead of mobile phone, you can choose to turn off the signal button 2G 3G to make it work normally. At the same time, keep the LoJack GPS switching signal, which damages the GPS / LoJack connection or the communication signal transceiver. Surveillance is disabled. In addition, the signal jammer can prevent the installation of software on GPS phones and LoJack, which means that the device can block the hardware and software signals of GPS and LoJack.