Correct use of jammers

Now, more and more people are using jammers to protect their privacy, and many countries / regions use GSM or GPS jammer signal blockers. Before using these functions, if you understand how they work, then jammers will block signals such as bandwidth and distance, which is even better. In France, the rational use of jammers is legal. However, you must bear in mind that our principle of using jammers is to try to protect their privacy rights and not to infringe on the privacy rights of others, thereby making ourselves legal citizens. However, the use of jammers violates the interests and lives of others, and such interference is illegal.

The jammer is also called an interceptor jammer. In fact, when we turn off the car key of the car remote control, the car jammer also emits the same wave sound, but some large electronic portable jammer will interfere with the reception of the locking device. Car remote control signal. The remote control will be in a temporary failure state. After activating the car’s central lock, do you check whether the doors are actually closed? Indeed, you can use an easily accessible electronic box to remotely encrypt the signals sent by your key remote control or hands-free card. Suddenly, you don’t know its status, your car is still on, and you may become a victim of theft without breaking in. This is a technique to avoid such attacks.

Depends on the frequency of the signal device to be blocked. In order to prevent the phone from being able to receive the signal, a phone jammer must be used, which will block the frequency of the phone, and therefore block GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE and the latest smartphones. If you do not know the transmission frequency of the phone, you can find it elsewhere on the Internet or in its technical specifications. Otherwise, you can purchase a frequency counter at any time to display a specific transmission frequency. Jammer Beach is the effective radius of the interference distance. The actual distance will vary depending on the strength of the interfering signal and similar locations of use and fully charged batteries. Cooling system equipment. Do not use it when loading the jammer, otherwise it will burn the jammer, because there is no built-in fan, it will interfere with the jammer. In addition, potential overheating can cause the performance of the jammer to deteriorate, thereby damaging its internal components.