The jammer must transmit signals at the same frequency

When you have to cut unnecessary signals, these mobile phone jammer purchases will definitely be given talents. The high-power signal interference kit is suitable for many places. It has always been an important part of our lives. For example, in a conference room, you may see GPS signal jammers to keep business secrets. In museums, art galleries, theaters or concert halls, you can also see cell phone portable jammer, which can block unwanted ringtones, so you can enjoy movies and shows. In the classroom, you can check the phone signal blocker in turn. Especially at gas stations, interference from cell phone signals will become a key tool for maintaining safety. You can see the jammer kit anywhere, it is always a fashion for personal use. The multifunctional 3G 4G jammer and GPS Wifi parasitic jammer we provide here are excellent devices with full jamming capabilities. It is designed with an 8-band interference unit, which can effectively block all 2G, 3G, and 4G signals, and disable hijacking within the range of up to 40m according to signal strength. Wifi, GPS devices are in the area.

A honeycomb “security bubble” in London can protect Bush from very real threats: terrorists use their mobile phones to detonate bombs for miles or even other countries. By connecting the phone to a hidden explosive and then calling the phone, you can detonate the bomb (the charge that activates the phone’s ringtone is used as a trigger signal). In May 2018, Palestinian militants in Tel Aviv placed a bomb connected to a mobile phone on a fuel truck heading to Israel ’s largest fuel depot, almost causing a serious explosion. (The bomb exploded, but the fire was extinguished.)

The physical process of interfering with the phone is actually very simple. Cell phones work by sending signals within the electromagnetic spectrum reserved for them. Any mobile phone interfering device must transmit signals at the same frequency and will interfere with all devices attempting to transmit within this range. The net effect of unfortunate mobile phone users? The phone screen will only indicate that no signal is available. Most likely, most people will not even notice that the phone is stuck. They just think they have come to an end-feeling bored.