GPS jammer is a powerful and efficient jamming device

In recent years, there have been various news reports that commuters use cell phone jammers to create “quiet areas” on buses or trains. We warn consumers that it is illegal to use a GPS unit or jammer or any other type of device that blocks, interferes with or interferes with authorized communications, and conducts imports, advertisements, sales, or sales. Ship such equipment. The Law Enforcement Office implements a zero tolerance policy in this regard and will take strong action against offenders. The car GPS jammer is increasingly used by those who worry about their privacy. This group of people has a wide range, including truck drivers who do not know what the boss knows about all aspects of travel, citizens who are worried about GPS tracking devices on the vehicle, or ordinary people who do not want the phone company to follow.

In order to solve these problems, a working group composed of several manufacturers supported by the French Defense Industry Group (GICAT) was established in 2013. Therefore, two new models are currently being tested. Facilities on Ile-de-France, including facilities in Fresne. Christopher Dolangerville explained: “They are placed at the entrance of the cell and are more precise in the field of work.” Three million euros will be invested to equip 26 sensitive facilities within three years. Thales has partnered with the Ministry of Justice to develop electronic bracelets and national platforms for military gps jammer to manufacture them. A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: “As the evaluation of the experiment is still in progress, it has not been decided which technology to retain.”

High-power portable GPS jammer, a powerful solution, can completely block all nearby mobile phones, including standard GSM and new 3G models and WiFi networks. It can be used worldwide. The GPS jammer is powerful and efficient, and can disable all nearby WiFi and 3G networks and other mobile phone signals (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS bands) without interrupting other electronic devices. The small size, with an easy-to-access activation button, allows the user to quickly turn the power on or off to immediately block the portable signal.