Need to install mobile phone signal jammer in public places?

The purpose of a jammer is to disconnect the communication link (or network) between two (or more) “partners” when trying to talk or transfer certain data. There are more situations that interfere with the communication link between the drone and its operator. We can try to disrupt the communication between the mobile phone and the base, between the two tactical radios, and between the bomb and the remote control used for activation.

To avoid this, the portable jammer sends RF energy at the same frequency as the enemy link or network uses (CW + modulation). The receiver of the enemy (the “hearing” aspect) must spread through both pain and its “partner”. The strong should have the upper hand: if the energy of the drone is more destructive than the performance of the “partner”, then the “listener” will not “correctly” understand the message / data. Or, if the energy of the “buddy” is greater than the performance of the observer, the “listener” can correctly “understand” the message / data and the communication link between the “buddies”.

Japan allows public places such as theaters and concert halls to install Utilite cell phone jammers, provided they obtain a government-issued license. Last week, the French Minister of Industry approved the decision to allow cinemas, concert halls and theatres to be installed-as long as the regulations are in place so that emergency calls can still be made. Canada had considered allowing the blockade under similar circumstances. But Industry Canada, which regulates Canadian telecommunications, has decided not to do so, saying that these devices may infringe on personal freedom and damage public safety due to paralysis of communications with law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies.