WiFi network will threaten our lives

Unmanned aerial vehicles were first put into use in the Second World War. In the 1991 Gulf War, multinational forces led by the United States used a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles to complete battlefield reconnaissance, artillery school shooting, communication relays and electronic countermeasures. During the Iraq war in the United States, the Global Hawk only carried out 15 combat missions, helping us destroy 13 Iraqi 50 surface-to-air missiles, surface-to-air missile launchers, 70 surface-to-air missile trucks, 300 boxes and 300 tanks Air missile. Since the war in Afghanistan, drones have performed many counter-terrorism missions, which has gradually made countries realize the operational advantages of drones.

As the number of drones increased, more and more safety issues began to appear, including the fact that drones and manned aircrafts were too close to home. This was the first U.S. drone registration to be initiated in December 2015. system. The registrant must pay a fee of $5 and mark the identification number on his drone. In May 2017, the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, overturned the regulations governing the registration of driverless cars for ordinary audiophiles. Former federal regulations regarding model aircraft. The event registered in accordance with FAA requirements is no longer a drone (uav) for ordinary enthusiasts, but a commercial drone (uav) still requires user registration.

Although the problem of wifi’s popularity cannot be solved well, it has not yet solved the problem of wifi security. This is an important issue that plagues our security. In the current wifi encryption method, there is no good protection for our information, so it is the choice of most people to use a portable portable jammer to further protect the wifi network security and intercept the wifi signal. Even if new wifi encryption is introduced, is it safe? It has become a habit that people go out to carry mobile phones. How to prevent the mobile phone from being tracked and located? Who is being monitored, especially on their mobile phones. If we become the target of criminals, it will pose a threat to our lives. Here are some tips on how to track your phone.