Jammers will become the main force of electronic products in the future

With the improvement of people’s living standards, mobile phones seem to have become their main tool. Not only do they use mobile phones, they also use them as social and entertainment devices to spend their leisure time, using mobile phones not only at home but also at school, which seriously affects their learning and teacher’s curriculum. We know that many schools are prohibiting students from using mobile phones, on the one hand for student learning, on the other hand for better management of schools, schools are in the normal system.

But the student’s rebellion did not take the school’s ban seriously, although it said the school found that students were severely punished for using mobile phones, but failed to stop the phenomenon. Then, the school adopted a more effective method, that is, using a mobile phone portable jammer to block the mobile phone signal from the school. Prisons are places where criminals are held, and their safety is related to life. With the development of the Internet, most criminals will commit crimes due to cybercrime and fraudulent use of the Internet. Prisons should not only ensure the safety of witnesses, but also protect the network and prevent criminals from contacting the outside world, so as to make prison escape or other things that endanger the lives of others a reality.

Wifi network is an important network signal in the Internet era. It is an important medium for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers to access the Internet. With the development of technology, the wifi network has also brought a lot of trouble. Among them, 8 antennas can be handheld WiFi jammers, which can interfere with 8 antennas. Frequency at the same time. It can not only block GSM 3G 4G 4G phone frequency, but also interfere with GPS WiFi and LoJack. Blocking phone signals and avoiding GPS or LoJack tracking devices is your ideal choice. It also has powerful power and good heat dissipation effect.