The jammer allows you to not expose your field of vision under the supervision of others

The problem here is that not only can this method be used to invade car alarms, but also other devices that are using GSM networks. However, because some car alarms use a secure data transmission channel, they can resist such attacks. “Our goal is to enable major manufacturers to check their technology and improve their alerts.” – Don Bailey said. They have provided all the collected information to the major alarm manufacturers, and we hope they will take some measures. In any case, such hackers are found to be very good, they do not intend to use and use it. gps jammer can prevent others from monitoring your location and not let your location be exposed to people’s vision.

On the other hand, people are now accustomed to video surveillance, CCTV cams are everywhere, and car cameras may be installed in vehicles, but the difference here is that all the data they collect is stored locally, and after a period of time been deleted. When it comes to Google Glass, all data is stored in the cloud, regardless of law enforcement personnel or terrorists, any literary person can get data from there. It may be stored there for a long time. As long as Google collects data from individual users, it will use all the information collected through Glass without hesitation. All these files can be processed, audio files can be converted to text and processed using filters. People using photos and videos can detect faces and find out where a particular person is, when and where they are with whom.

In fact, you can find several such tracking points for each person from open source resources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and easily find his or her tracking, which will enable you to view the target. The best help for the evil here is Foursquare, because anyone can find the location data and the exact timestamp there. The accuracy of this method is also very high. The location data contained in the database used for analysis is collected by cell phone tower triangulation, the accuracy is very low, and the time stamp is accurate to several hours. Such a combination produced outstanding results. Moreover, you may have seen that due to the low accuracy of the database data, the uniqueness of these moving tracks is low, and these errors can be easily eliminated by using more track points.