Jammers make your life safer

Researchers can use two points to tell a single track to form more than half of all users, and eleven points are enough to distinguish each track from each other. You can see examples of these “personal tracks” in the pictures below. Those scientists compared this unique movement trajectory with fingerprints and concluded that it can be used for identification. As we have already said, the database contains any personal information, and it is well known that Sprint/Nextel has such a database, and they can provide it to law enforcement without any guarantee. Therefore, we can see that mobile operators are helping to track us. For example, Verizon even sells such private information to third parties. Now, special portable jammer devices owned by law enforcement personnel can even deceive cell phone towers and record the location of all traffic.

Such a wireless microphone is the most convenient device for hiding eavesdropping. They consist of a microphone, power supply and radio transmitter. These small devices may be powered by batteries, but in that case, they will work for a short period of time. The advanced version is powered by mains. These devices are often installed in wall outlets, lamps and other hard-to-find places. The main disadvantage of battery-powered wireless microphones is limited working hours, but they are much easier to install. These bugs have different working ranges, can hear sound, and vary from 15 to 80 feet. The transmission radius may be really large, between ten meters and hundreds of meters. Sometimes the evil one may use a relay network to spread the signal further.

First, we should mention that your iPhone must be jailbroken, because the Apple Store completely prohibits all applications for Wi-Fi spoofing. But you should know that jailbreaking does reduce the security of your smartphone. The Cydia repository provides all the applications needed to crack the wireless network. Everything works perfectly on iOS 4 and higher. The first thing used in this experiment is “libcap”, which is a special library for capturing software packages sent over wireless networks. The library will enable hackers to use several popular applications to intercept traffic. You also need to access the smartphone’s console. You can get it using Cydia’s OpenSSH or Terminal application. These applications will re-request the Berkeley DB library. They are available in the standard repository. In addition, if you are an experienced user, this application will be very useful. But you should be extremely careful about this, because using these applications, you can easily spread malware to your smartphone, so the jammer’s is particularly important, so that we can better protect our information.