The jammer is also composed of complex encryption algorithms

A quick and intuitive search will affect social life in many ways. Google Glass may find this information, it is best to hide it. Imagine this situation, when you look at the speaker’s watch, you will find the watch itself, if you use Google Glass, you will get information about the price of the jammer, the manufacturer, etc. Therefore, people may start to judge your wear based on your judgment. We should also mention tracking and tracking issues. As you know, Glass has synced with Android-based smartphones and uses its 3G or 4G network. In this case, someone can use cell phone tower triangulation to track your location. Another problem here is that it uses the Bluetooth standard to communicate with smartphones. The standard uses a frequency of 2,4 GHz that is vulnerable. Another thing we should consider is all the new opportunities those glasses provide for the evil ones. Just imagine, what can all this information do? Anyone can assess how much money they have by looking at you. Glass will provide all the necessary data about the prices of clothes and accessories, information on social networks, etc.

Another point you should consider when dealing with this type of alarm is that you will not be able to use a GSM blocker, and if someone uses any type of cell phone signal blocker around you, the alarm will be useless. No one can lock or unlock it. However, please take a look at the latest research by Don Bailey and Matthew Solnic, which can be regarded as a decent security measure. We will start with the recently developed portable jammer device, which is able to crack the GSM alarm encryption algorithm. Security experts have calculated that the cost of such equipment is only $5,000. But now the situation is getting worse. We have already mentioned Don Bailey and Matthew Solnic, they discovered a vulnerability in the GSM communication protocol.

The first technology he used was Automatic Related Surveillance Broadcasting (ADS-B). The system is used to send information about the aircraft (unique ID, current coordinates and altitude) to the aircraft movement schedule via an onboard transmitter. In this way, other aircraft can obtain complete information about all aircraft and the weather in the area. The second is the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), which is used for two-way communication with dispatchers with VHF radio waves or with satellites. The jammer also helps to transmit data related to all phases of the flight to the ground. Both systems are very fragile and sensitive to various passive and active attacks. Teso uses ADS-B to locate and select targets, uses ACARS to gather information about onboard computers, and exploits its vulnerabilities by sending malicious messages. Hugo Teso used his previous research to create a SIMON framework that enabled these hacking techniques. He intentionally made it work only in a virtual environment, so others will not be able to use it in real life. However, we have to mention at that the entire principle of the vulnerability and this hacking attack are real and may be exploited by evil people.