GPS jammer is technically illegal

Matt’s post on the decision explains the decision in detail. In short, the Supreme Court once said that the police can see through anything anyone can encounter in public places, which means that your driveway is open to the public, so the police can see through. According to the Ninth District Court, the police can now slide the GPS jammer onto your car because the area is open to the public and you have no reasonable expectations of privacy there. The police can then use GPS tracking. No warrant.

How can you stop this operation without finding the GPS tracker without combing the bottom of the car or even inside? With technology. Your first bet may be to find out if someone is chasing you. Here you can rotate your phone and wrong device detector. However, this is not 100%. Therefore, if you are really paranoid and want to hide your position, you should stop the chaser anyway.

The first category is gps jammer. It is technically illegal to purchase and use GPS jammers in the United States. So remember this. This type of GPS jammer has been inserted into the car’s cigarette lighter and “prohibited GPS signals” for up to 10 meters. Ten meters is not too far, but the distance is not very close, so when you are driving on the street, the car next to it may cause GPS interference.

Update: Jammer Welt told us that the only model that prevents the police from performing all GPS transmissions-GPS L1, L2 and L5- is the model. Other GPS models (cheaper models) only stop GPS L1 and possibly L2, whichever is the more. However, if you want to stop all GPS transmissions, you must use TN-H062, the price is 300 euros. If you are worried that someone is tracking your phone, there is a signal lock pocket of about 10 Euros that you can put in when you are not using the phone.