GPS jammer is to prevent people from talking on their phones while driving

A moderate accountant, once considered a hero of our time, when a fellow traveler started talking on a mobile phone, he reached into his jacket pocket and took out a black electronic device with five antennas. Jabberer’s phone suddenly dropped with all the other phones on the train coming in on the Chicago CTA Red Line. Before the assassin announced that he was a policeman, the accountant enjoyed some quiet moments on Tuesday morning. Other plainclothes police participated in the arrest. Accountant, 63-year-old Dennis Nicholl was taken off the train and charged with illegally interfering with public utilities. His mobile phone jammer made in China was recorded as evidence.

After spending the night in Cook County Prison, Nicholl appeared before Judge James Brown. Nicholl is standing there, he has realized the illusion shared by many of us who are trapped in annoying cell phone calls. The judge said: “Ah, cell phone police.” Prosecutor Erin Antonietti (Erin Antonietti) said: “Well, claiming to be one.” Implied that Nicole had served as a vigilance.In 2013, at the door of Tampa, Florida, a real vigilant man named Jason Humphreys was arrested. After the MPs pushed down the SUV he was driving, one of the reasons this storage was declared illegal became obvious. A subsequent report by the Federal Communications Commission stated: “Members of the European Parliament reported that when they approached the SUV, radio communications with the police had been cut off.”

The report continued: “Mr. Humphreys admitted that he had owned and operated a mobile phone jammer in his car for the past 16 to 24 months. When checking the vehicle, he found that the mobile phone jammer was located in the co-pilot Behind the seat cushion cover. Mr. Humphreys said that he operated the gps jammer to prevent people from talking on the phone while driving. Nicholl seemed to have been affected by the current interference at least in 2014, when a commuter named Brian Raida The companion happened to see him take him away on the early train. Raida’s phone broke with the other passengers’ mobile phones.

“Everyone is watching their phone-what the hell is going on?” Radar asked the Chicago Tribune Raida remembered to say to Nicholl: “Hey, man, good.” Nicholl laughed, and apparently did not expect Raida to have interference in his hand He opened a photo of him at the camera. When we were so dependent on mobile phones, Leida seemed to be one of those who regarded such harassment as unreasonable intrusion or even danger. He sent the photo to the police, saying that the disruptor is not a hero, but a threat to our time.”This guy needs to be stopped,” Leida said in a subsequent online release. Other complaints seem to follow, and there are many online discussions. A commuter saw Nicole sitting on an evening train, holding a bag of old beer. Nicholl used five antennas to take out black things, and all phones within 50 feet were muted. Nicole then rode home peacefully and took a sip of his beer.

In the early morning of Tuesday, a so-called “task team” composed of police and federal agents set up a station at a site in Nicol. They found him, and plainclothes police dragged him to the train. The police started chatting on his cell phone, watching Nicole make the jammer. The police phone is broken. Before his arrest, Nicole took a break. According to reports, he admitted to the police that he knew the interference was illegal. He admitted that the earlier one he ordered had been confiscated by the customs. He just ordered a new product, which is at least similar to “GG4 Universal 2G, 3G, 4G all mobile phone blocker”, the price on Jammer and other sites is 479 US dollars.

“GG4 is a brand new word in signal interference technology,” blurb said. “It will definitely block all calls, from old 2G phones to the latest and most advanced 4G-compatible smartphones. GG4 will even immediately shut down the HTC Droid or iPhone 5, other phone blocking programs will not be able to. Words come out and did not say that, Such a device can make you fall behind. Cook County Prison is hardly a place where a moderate accountant can live, but there is one advantage: the use of mobile phones is prohibited not only in the prison but also in the courts.

If someone starts chatting on a mobile phone at Nicholl’s hearing, court officials will confiscate it and may even detain the perpetrators. Nicholl was released on bail of US$10,000 for using a jammer to enforce his personal mobile phone ban. When darkness fell, Nicole had been released on bail and returned to the world where people would chat forever. He returned to the court hearing on March 15th. For those who believe in the right to entertainment, it is a trial of criminals and trouble or even a threat. If everyone seized the jammer and used it at will, his critics would not be wrong. For those who fully understand his feelings, Dennis Nicole is still a hero of our time.