The jammer has the integrated electronic attack function of the advanced electronic warfare system

Aircraft manufacturer Saab has conducted its first flight test using its new advanced electronic attack jamming module (EAJP). The new st fish was tested on the JAS-39D Gripen fighter. The interface between the module and the aircraft hardware and software, as well as the control and monitoring of the cockpit were tested during the flight. Saab’s new EAJP module is designed to protect aircraft with complex jamming functions from radar jamming and prevent enemies from attacking them. The first flight marked an important stage of the gondola development plan.

Saab is perfecting its electronic attack options, and the new advanced module is an important part of this development. EAJP perfectly complements the integrated electronic attack function of the advanced electronic warfare system of Saab’s new Gripen E/F fighter. It can also be used for other types of aircraft. The pod is part of the Saab AREXIS electronic warfare system series, which includes: radar early warning signal receiver (RWR), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and electronic countermeasures (ECM) to meet the needs of fighter aircraft.

Electronic warfare systems can also achieve self-protection by passively capturing radar systems and enemy missiles and protecting aircraft or platforms by active and passive countermeasures. Offensive electronic warfare, also known as electronic attack, involves actively sending signal jammer signals to destroy the enemy’s air defense system so that it no longer poses a threat.

The new low-band jammer is included in a 4 m long and 350 kg demonstration module. The wing-shaped surface is used to accommodate low-frequency antennas. According to the Swedish aircraft manufacturer, currently only the US Navy’s Boeing EA-18G “Roarer” can offset the enemy’s electronic defense. Thanks to the intelligent use of DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) encryption technology, EAJP is able to filter the approach and deviation of the entire formation from the low-frequency radar, thereby protecting them, thereby producing false, coherent and different targets. Saturation technology. The system is based on digital receivers and ultra-wideband DRFM equipment, network solid-state jammers based on gallium nitride (GaN) and interfering DF systems.

If EAJP was previously used in Sweden for Gripen C/D and E/F series aircraft, Saab will also advertise the EAJP gondola in the advertisement so that it may be integrated with other aircraft types. May include European fighter jets. For example, in Germany, the Tornado ECR will be replaced and equipped with the European fighter T3 ECR “SEAD” * (to be released tomorrow). Other countries may need such solutions to equip their fleets. Saab is expected to deploy an operating system that meets NATO standards within the next 12 months.