Jammers can easily block signals

Washington-According to four U.S. officials, the Russian military blocked some U.S. drones flying over Syria, which severely affected U.S. military operations. Officials said that after a series of chemical weapons attacks against civilians in the eastern Guta area controlled by the rebels, officials said that the Russians began blocking several smaller UAVs a few weeks ago. Officials say the Russian military is worried that the US military will retaliate and began to block the GPS system of drones in the area.

R-Neb. Senator Ben Sasse responded to the news of Russian chaos on Tuesday. He said: “Russia wants to turn to destroy our interests.” Sas said: “It is crazy to think that Russia is just an opponent.” According to the doctor. Todd Humphreys, director of the Radio Navigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, can directly block or disturb the signals received by the drone from GPS satellites. He said: “The GPS jammer in most drones can be easily blocked.”

Humphreys, an expert in GPS spoofing and signal jammer, warned that this could have a major impact on U.S. drones and could cause malfunctions or even crashes. When the drone reported an incorrect position or was lost, the drone operator said on the ground: “At least, this may cause serious confusion.” Humphreys said that after American analysts invaded Crimea, Four years ago, American analysts first discovered the jamming military aircraft in eastern Ukraine. He said the jammer was originally thought to be a weak signal from space that bounced off the surface of the earth. The jammer “had a considerable impact” on the United Nations surveillance drones, which tried to monitor the area, grounded the fleet for several days, and stopped collecting information from the air.

Based on operational safety, the Department of Defense will not disclose whether traffic congestion will cause the drone to crash. Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahun said: “The US military has taken appropriate countermeasures and safeguards to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our armed forces and the tasks they support.” However, one An official confirmed that the strategy had operational impact on US military operations in Syria.

Officials said that the equipment used was developed by the Russian military, is very complex, and has proved effective for certain encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers. Compared with large predators and reapers, the drones affected so far are small reconnaissance aircraft. Large predators and reapers are usually used in combat environments and can be armed. Dr. Humphreys said that although the attack took place in cyberspace, the consequences are still serious. He said: “They look a bit less hostile than kinetic energy bullets, but sometimes the effects can be equally harmful.” “It’s like shooting them with radio waves instead of bullets.”