Jammers can interrupt the signal and cannot connect to the network

Almost all modern devices can send Bluetooth signals. Although this makes it easier for them to communicate, it can also cause security problems. There are as many ways to block Bluetooth signals as there are devices that can access them. The Bluetooth jammer is the simplest because it is designed for this purpose. By transmitting the same signal, interference can affect the operation of other devices nearby. This improves security, prevents advertising and provides other benefits. Read our Bluetooth jammer guide to learn what Bluetooth is and how to stop it.

Bluetooth is a universal technology that exists in all modern devices. Since it is relatively new, even if it is not used every day, not everyone can understand it. Before trying to block the Bluetooth signal, it is important to understand how it works. Bluetooth jammer devices can use 79 different frequencies or channels. In this way, they can have their own signals, so as not to interfere with other key technologies, such as medical equipment. The Bluetooth signal uses a technique called spread spectrum frequency hopping to quickly change the channel. This ensures that the frequencies already acquired by other devices are not used.

The Bluetooth signal can form a connection network of up to 8 devices called piconets. If two or more piconets are connected, a decentralized network will be formed. Finding devices on piconet and/or scatternet is the first step in blocking Bluetooth signals. This is also one of the most important reasons, because ignorance of the network or signals from related equipment may prevent the network from being interrupted.

To know what Bluetooth is, you must know what it is not. Other methods of sending signals between devices work differently, have different uses, and are only available on certain devices. Wifi and Bluetooth are so similar that they are often confused. Despite the similarities, they are not exactly the same. It is important to understand the differences. Wifi signals can be used on almost any modern device, from mobile phones to laptops. This also applies to Bluetooth. The difference is which wifi jammer devices can send these signals, because only a WLAN router can provide WLAN to another device.

Both WLAN and Bluetooth provide wireless communication, but the purpose is different. Wifi is used to access the Internet, and Bluetooth is used to connect devices. Another important difference between these two signals is the distance they can extend. Bluetooth requires a close connection within 30 feet, while WiFi can be distributed within 300 feet. Due to their similarity, most WLAN jammers can also block Bluetooth signals. In other articles, you will find the advantages of WLAN jammers. Browse our collection of available WiFi jammers now.

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