The target must be within the jammer’s interference radius

As early as Brazil, there have been reports of criminals using electromagnetic signal blockers, but until now, due to the “Omertà” operation, the security forces of the state of Mato Grosso do not have the first two types of equipment. These devices, also known as jammers, have been owned by Bope (Special Operations Battalion) in Campo Grande since January 14. They will remain in the army until at least the trial of the criminal organization that arrested them is over. . According to the investigation, the team was led by businessmen Jamil Name and Jamil Name Filho, who were arrested on September 27 last year. At the end of the operation, the destination of the seized material was determined based on the results.

It is BOPE Commander’s request to keep illegally used materials such as robbers, ATM scammers, car thieves, and members of the Death Penalty Execution Team who are dissatisfied with those involved in the Omertà crime target group, such as investigation work.

One of the notes is that José Moreira Freires, a former city guard and formerly known as the killer of Zezinho, used one of the devices in the execution. According to police work, he did this to clear the signal on the electronic anklets convicted of murdering retired police chief Paulo Magalhães in 2012.

The Campo Police News MP told Robson de Oliveira Sorza that because the battalion had just received the portable jammer, it could now better understand its presence. He explained: “We will now enter the testing phase to see the capabilities and then determine their employment issues.” First, a charger must be provided for one of the technical instruments.

The capability mentioned by the military is the “action” radius of the jammer, which is the physical space that eliminates or mixes electromagnetic signals, including cell phones, sirens, anklet or radio frequency devices, and even GPS. Some products are capable of zeroing waves with a wave height of 100 square meters and displaying available information when searching on the Internet.