GPS jammer mobile phones generate safety information

Jammers become a new source of noise pollution and interfere with normal work instructions. With the widespread use of mobile phones, the use environment of meeting rooms, courts, libraries, schools and other places has further deteriorated. The noise and serious atmosphere generated by mobile phones affect people’s normal work performance to give and destroy the tranquility of these places. A new type of man-made criminal interference, affecting social stability.

Some opportunists use tested mobile phones to defraud, terrorists and hostiles, and some use mobile phones to explode bombs, the number of mobile phones with opportunities, and the fact that criminals have become criminal tools affect the stability of the evil society of phone jammers. The company has developed a mobile phone signal jammer that can effectively solve the above problems. gps jammer mobile phones can generate safety information, such as electric fence networks, new products, which form electromagnetic signals at specific locations to protect the base station, making the mobile phone unable to receive data. This information is generated by the mobile phone. Eliminates the negative impact of the inability to establish a connection with the base station on the security role.

Installation and use instructions The peeping detector uses the latest jumper components and integrated circuits. All mobile phone signal jammers have the advantages of high performance, easy installation, and long-term continuous operation. The manufacturing process is an ideal and reliable safety product. It strictly protects the environment, strictly abides by the stability and reliability, quality system, enhances information security, and ensures safe production. Fourth, installation and use instructions Installation steps and methods Take out the Shield Master from the UAV interference box. The antenna will be disabled unless it is screwed to the corresponding antenna board. Hang the shielding jammer on the wall or the corresponding place, the highest installation height is 1-1.8 meters, connect the output of the first power supply 5V to the host, then connect the AC input power supply to the main socket, and turn on the power switch to start working Working indicator.