WiFi jammers can cause radio wave interference

About the WiFi jammer application Wireless network is widely used because of its convenience and effectiveness, but we don’t need a wireless network, and don’t use any tools when we need to turn off the wireless network. do you want it?

How it works When radio waves collide with each other, they interfere with each other, making communication unstable and reducing speed. Therefore, when using 2.4GHz wireless LAN, using a microwave oven nearby may cause communication interruption. In an office, wireless LAN communication becomes unstable in many cases due to a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If the radar waves are scanned for 1 minute or more, and they are detected, communication may be interrupted, such as prohibiting access for a certain period of time after changing the channel. The 5GHz frequency band may be disadvantageous in environments that interfere with radars, such as near airports covering weather radars and aircraft radars throughout Japan.

Even so, in addition to this special environment, the 5GHz band has less interference to other communication devices, and it can be said that it is excellent in terms of high speed and stability. Devices using such wifi jammer are still in use and can effectively interfere with wireless devices. If the wireless LAN environment is unstable to your life, it may cause radio wave interference. check it out.