The jammer sends the same frequency as the target signal

The function of the product “Drone GPS Signal Disturber” is rarely detailed. This very thin data sheet (which appears to be a related product of the company) states that it uses some form of RF interference to prevent drone operators from contacting the drone, and GPS frequencies make the drone fly alone. If a drone designed to lose contact with the base station can be forced to land by the RFI blocking program, and this countermeasure can make frequency usage regulations when the frequency is good (for example: it is tightly launched with a phased array antenna to Minimize interference to other users in this frequency band.

Afterwards, the reporter also got a response from the school. Teacher Cui who dealt with the matter said that there are still many problems to be studied when the school installs the shielding device. “The school is a professional consulting department, and the research on blocking agents can cause problems, so these Two days can be used to clean up the classroom environment of the school’s educational management attempts, but there is no conclusion. “Mr. Cui admitted that although most students can understand the original intention of the school, it is still difficult to accept, and the school can only rely on traditional teacher teaching temporarily Management method.

As far as I know, no. The jammer sends radio waves at the same frequency as the phone connecting the phone to the tower. For ordinary mobile phones, this unit is not manufactured on the motherboard. For this, you should buy a separate signal portable jammer. However, this is incredible because mobile apps interfere with the phone itself. Their authenticity has not been confirmed. Therefore, if you need a mobile phone jammer, please make your own or buy a more reliable mobile phone.

The first use of electronic countermeasures originated from the Second World War. Radar-controlled artillery shot down many Allied aircraft. These systems use radar signals to intercept and track air targets and target anti-aircraft fire. If a critical Allied operation is to be performed, radio frequency interference jammers will be placed near these weapons. The film in the newspaper showed how the howitzer went wild and accidentally fired due to the influence of jammers. The designers of the cannon were too arrogant to consider the possibility of jamming, so they never included manual override switches.