Signal jammers will only be restricted within a certain distance

Signal jammers are regarded as safety measures Philippines CEBU-According to a report by President Rodrigo Duterte, Mishaya Regional Police Department (PRO-7) hopes to adopt signal jammers as a safety measure during Sinulog, Vice President Leni Robredo can participate. According to previous reports, the Cebu City Government received a letter from Malacanan requesting details of the parade.

PRO-7 spokesperson Reyman Tolentin said: “The Dako gyud posibilidad nga atong signal interfered with the gyud ipatuman important person gud kay naa man ang president.” He said that if implemented, the signal portable jammer  will only be limited to a certain distance. However, he said that the plan has not yet been finalized and is pending instructions from the regional director Jose Mario Espino.

Tolentin said: “From now on, the signal jammers have been effective, direct orders to wala pa’y, wala pa miluwat atong RD (Commander in Chief Jose Mario Espino).” Tolentin said that a security meeting will be held subsequently to adjust prevention Measures to ensure the arrival of two senior officials of the country. Tolentin said: “Wala pa na-finalize. We will arrange coordination meetings to coordinate the safety of his tanang forces, especially kung moabot si Presidente.”
He reiterated that the final recommendation will be made after meeting with the president’s security guards. (PSG) and other government security agencies.

“We will conduct deliberations and coordinate actions.” Tolentin said: “Diman sadly sent a jamming signal to the People’s Army.” However, he did guarantee to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other government departments to provide them during the festival. Strict security guarantee. He said that the 1,190 people requested by the Cebu Police Department could be doubled if requested by the Cebu Police Department.