Mobile phone signal jammer will interfere with 3G mobile phone signal

Jammer technology has been greatly improved. The application range of radio signal interference equipment is very wide. , Can ensure the overall optimization of shielding conditions. Fully meet different requirements. Interference and shielding of wifi signals is essential for the stable operation of precision equipment. After satisfying all aspects, the overall performance has been significantly improved. The application intensity of the communication suppression device can be continuously enhanced. It also provides performance advantages in the operating environment of the jammer.

University entrance exams are an important part of the city. To prevent cheating in the college entrance examination, we will introduce mobile handheld jammer in the college entrance examination room. Mobile phone signal jammers can interfere with 3G mobile phone signals. In the civil service examination, the misconduct has been reposted by the media. Reports of fraudulent activities on 3G mobile phones also frequently appear. This means using signal jammers for 3G mobile phones. Some mobile phone jammers have added 4G signal interference capability. Support the management of high school fraudulent college entrance exams in various local exams. In order to strengthen the response to fraudulent activities in the college entrance examination, we installed a mobile phone shielding device in the college entrance examination.

As you know, wireless signals are very powerful. It is used in many fields. The device is a hot topic. It has its own blocking technology. There are various specifications and other requirements. This is an important factor in meeting various shielding requirements. It plays an important role in improving the application level of wifi interference. It is worth expanding the application range of the equipment. When paying attention to updating mobile jammers, choosing a phone jammer is a problem that needs attention. The telephone signal jammer is a device specially designed to enter the test room. , Using 7-channel design. Thoroughly solve the transmission problem. It conceals the problem of poor signal. We fundamentally solve the phenomenon of signal instability. By using this product, you don’t have to worry about the adverse effects of cell phone signals on people around you. It has a built-in antenna. The gps jammer can also be located in any blocked area.