The working range of the jammer is still limited

For many years, people have been using drones to smuggle goods. Pornography, guns, poison, so many drugs. The tiny surreur machine was originally a cautious little contraband, but the surprisingly successful operation of smuggling companies has now prevailed. From July 2015 to May this year, a drone smuggled at least 49 aircraft into prisons in England and Scotland, smuggling weeds and mobile phones. The BBC said the authorities had just arrested eight people after setting up cameras outside Worcestershire Prison to capture wildlife. The best solution-drone jammers, in order to capture drones, the police and the military purchased a large number of mobile drone jammers from the store. But on a battlefield like northern Iraq, the answer is neither a bird trap nor a directional light: it is the radio frequency generated by the antenna and aimed at the drone.

GPS jammers are also very popular. Can be used in the car. Support L1 system 1450-1600 MHz. Install the antenna and turn on the power. There is a very good price. You can also buy online. You can also buy it at the gps jammer retail store. There are many types of telephone jammers, and their working range is limited to a certain range.

As of March 2017, US Allied Patriot missiles worth $3 million were used to shoot down $200 UAVs from Amazon. However, to buy a drone, it does cost 3.4 million US dollars. Are there other anti-drone solutions? The Russian army has established a ground force dedicated to combating enemy drones. This device is the first of its kind in Russia. It operates an electronic jammer and theoretically can disconnect the radio link between the drone and its operator. According to reports, a Russian-made drone jammer has recently successfully put down the drone. But this does not mean that the US’s huge military drone fleet is defensive. Principles and methods of jamming drones