The working environment of the jammer is very important

The portable radio wave circuit breaker supports various signals. The application rate has also increased significantly. It is important to meet different signal transmission requirements. The application of mobile jammers not only makes full use of the normal performance of WiFi, but also can play a role in shielding signals where WiFi signals are not available. You can also combine different blocking effects to set related specifications. The performance advantages of the jammer have been fully utilized. It is important to work in different operating environments. It can play an active role in keeping the signal reasonable.

Internet users said that in the empty classroom of the school’s second teaching building, next to the blackboard on the “black” wall that looks like science and technology, the instrument is also located on an automatic switch. gsm handheld jammer. In this empty classroom, the power cord is not connected to the signal shield and the switch is not turned on. Therefore, the reporter’s mobile phone signal is normal and the network can be used normally. It has a compact and lightweight design. We will notify you of the detected conditions through patterns such as LED display and earphones. It is used in hotels, toilets, changing rooms and meeting rooms. You can protect your personal information and privacy. You can check if the phone is tapping or abnormal. Easy to operate. Identify the emissions of various electronic products. The voyeur finder can detect devices with various security threats.

This school is called Enrico Tosi in northern Italy. The school came up with a way to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones, thanks in large part to military technology. Principal Bonny Tito-Ryan left (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said: “Most schools try to get students to take the test before taking the test on their mobile phone, but some students do not hand in the phone.” Ryan left this week to test this portable interference for the Italian Ministry of Education Performance. The device is like a box, called C-Guard, developed by experts in the Italian military and defense industry. The device can block cell phone signals within a 262-foot radius.