The jammer has been used in a relatively quiet place

In life such as exams and meetings, it is very inappropriate to use mobile phones in many cases. The WiFi jammer cannot use the mobile phone, and the Wi-Fi signal is within a certain range. We will not use the phone when there is no phone and internet signal. You can achieve the desired effect. The development of mobile phones has narrowed the gap between people and brought great convenience to everyone’s life. However, with the popularity of mobile phones, it will become a wearable product. In many cases it has brought disadvantages. Therefore, we have also developed signal jammers for mobile phones.

Electronic signals play a very important role in modern warfare. The stability of the signal is very important for combat. Countries that are studying how to protect the stability of their own signals will find ways to influence the signals of other countries. Yonhap News Agency said on Tuesday that North Korea has developed a powerful handheld jammer that can jam GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals within a range of “more than 100 kilometers.” The news agency said that news about the GPS jammer was included in the report handed over to the National Defense Committee of the Korean National Assembly this week. South Korea’s capital is about 50 kilometers away from the border area. Therefore, jammers with such a large interference range may destroy or destroy GPS signals in Seoul and its surrounding areas. Up to the border cities and regions are full of military installations and equipment, many of which use GPS satellite positioning signals.