GSM network seriously affects people’s lives

GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications and is the most widely used digital wireless telephone technology in the world. This is a standard describing the 2G cellular network protocol, which uses a base station to generate a stable electromagnetic field rf signal to relay information. When a magnetic field in the metal occurs, an interference signal will be generated. Lubetz can be detected and recorded the interference signal. Using the Doppler effect and triangulation method, the precise coordinates of the target can be determined by analyzing the signal changes recorded by the base station. Once the target is captured and determined by Roubaix, the data is sent to the surveillance center via the GSM network, including the Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the command and control center of the Russian Space Iraq Air Defense System.

The GSM network function affects people’s lives. This is the basic foundation of mobile phone voice communication and short message service networks. Not only that, but online news recently also stated that Russia’s latest technology using GSM networks for cruise navigation and drone tracking also has very important applications. Russia’s latest “line of defense” airspace surveillance system can use GSM networks to identify and track drones, cruise missiles, and low-altitude aircraft, but can track airspace below 500 meters (less than 500Mm/s), while the latest surveillance system can be used to promote The lift-off of civil aircraft assists rescue operations after the crash.

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