Mobile signal jammers actually prohibit the use of mobile phones

We can also attribute it to mobile phones as the device they drive, and if you can disable them, you can reduce the chance of accidents. In order to prohibit the use of mobile phones, mobile phone jammers are essential tools. It can block cell phone signals. During driving, your cell phone will not have network signal, and will not receive information from friends. Only when your car stops, your cell phone can resume normal work. Further research on this technology is needed, but mobile signal cell phone jammer actually prohibit the use of mobile phones while you are driving.

Not all operators around the world are eager to shut down their GSM networks. European GSM operators are more cautious. French operator Orange said it will not shut down the GSM network on a large scale. Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications operator, recently announced that it will close its 3G network before 2020, but it will close its GSM network before 2025, when its third-generation w-cdma network will no longer exist.

European operators should not try to shut down the GSM network so hard, nor are they to consider the large number of communication needs between devices. If they rush to shut down GSM, the current European operators can still benefit from mobile international roaming communications. , Will face EU economic and regulatory issues. In the Chinese market, there are still a large number of elderly people using non-smart phones based on GSM. And basic voice and text messaging services are still using the GSM network. Communication devices based on GSM networks are still very important today, such as wireless alarm systems, robots and other tools and equipment. If you need to block these tools or mobile voice communication and messaging services, you may need a GSM jammer, portable or desktop. Portable jammers are easy to use anywhere, and desktop computers are more powerful.