The jammer has caused a certain impact on people’s lives

The personal information security survey of the mobile application has been published online. According to the report, some mobile applications have been excessively collected and illegally used personal information, which may lead to the disclosure or theft of personal private information. According to the questionnaire survey, 89.62% of the respondents believe that mobile apps collect too much personal information, while 41.16% of the respondents have not read the authorization information before installing or using the mobile app. The mobile phone application market is diverse. It brings a variety of mobile applications to people’s consumption, study, and life, but the problem cannot be ignored, and it has brought a lot of trouble to many people. Just like most applications need to access the user’s information (such as location, storage), and even need to obtain the user’s address book, excessive collection of personal information is endangering the user’s important information, which is one of the important ways of information leakage today .

The technological world has entered the 4G mobile era, and more and more operators are shutting down GSM and CDMA second-generation (2G) networks. According to IDG News Agency, many GSM network operators around the world have gradually closed down and no longer provide services. Mobile cell phone jammer can directly affect people’s lives. Earlier, Telecom Australia announced that it would shut down its GSM network before the end of 2016, while AT&T, the largest mobile operator in the United States, has announced that it will shut down its GSM network before January 1, 2017. Singapore’s three major mobile operators M1, Singtel and StarHub are the latest companies to announce the timetable for shutting down GSM. The two companies stated that they will shut down the GSM network on April 1, 2017. The three operators in Singapore indicated that the number of users currently using the GSM network is very small. For most mobile phone users, it does not matter whether the operator closes the 2G network. Today, most mobile phone users use 4G or 3G phones.

With driving experience, it is easy to get distracted while driving. When driving, the mobile phone will make us unable to concentrate, it is easy to cause slowness, and even forget what he is doing. The current speed of the car is more code. This is one of the factors that cause the car to be too fast. Some people have carried out special According to the investigation, when the manager is not attentive when looking at the car, it will cause slow response. Depending on the situation, the response time will increase by five seconds.