Mobile phone signal jammer is a kind of technical equipment

A cell phone handheld jammer is a technical device that can detect the presence of a cell phone in a given area or range. When a mobile phone is detected, the phone detector system will sound an alarm and the mobile user can turn it off. It can warn users in different ways, such as sending a warning message, making a beep or using a ringtone. The person operating the device can send a personalized message, which can be sent to each detected phone. The signal detector can find phones in call mode and phones in standby mode or on. These detectors work by detecting RF transmission signals. When it detects the RF transmission signal, the LED indicator will flash and start beeping. The alarm will continue until the phone is turned off or the RF transmission signal stops.

Bluetooth is a common technology that exists in various modern devices. Since it is relatively new, even if it is used every day, not everyone can understand it. Before trying to block the Bluetooth signal, you must understand how it works. Bluetooth devices can use any of 79 different unique frequencies or channels. In this way, they can have their own designated signal, which will not interfere with other key technologies such as medical equipment. Bluetooth signals use a technique called spread spectrum frequency hopping to quickly change channels. This ensures that they will not use frequencies already used by other devices. The Bluetooth signal can form a connection network of up to 8 devices called piconet. If two or more piconets are combined, they will form a dispersed network. Finding devices on piconet and/or decentralized networks is the first step in blocking Bluetooth signals. This is also the most important item, because not knowing the network or signal of the device in question may make it impossible to be interfered.