High-performance mobile phone GPS jammer to stop GPS tracking

The US Navy is the only tactical combat jammer in the world, but the AN/ALQ-99 pod they rely on uses simulation technology, which is difficult to maintain and has reliability issues. All-digital technology and modern transmit/receive electronics have made great strides in capacity and availability, which is why the US military is working to replace its next-generation GPS jammer (NGJ) for its pods.

In some areas of the European Union, illegal use of cell phone jammers is prohibited. In the past, these devices have been used to block calls from trains, theaters or movie theaters. Nowadays, many lawless elements use mobile phone signal jamming devices to conduct criminal activities because they not only annoy mobile phone users, but also prevent emergency calls when necessary, such as firefighters, police or ambulances. The thief has stolen the car or truck carrying valuable goods at the location where the prohibited vehicle is located. With the development of GPS positioning system, more and more GPS tracker users have more and more diversified styles. Due to their small size, low price, hard to find with the naked eye, and numerous criminals. ‘Used to track major security risks, people with monitoring problems can use high-performance mobile phone gps blocker to stop GPS tracking.

One can prevent the detection and interference of UAV radio control frequency. Another wrong choice is to use radio signals between the drone and its ground station to identify the location of the ground station, and then detonate it in the air or with gunfire. Kobe showed the seat to the pilot, and they agreed that this seemed to be a problem. But when they tried to warn the team, they realized they couldn’t do it. The phone jammer in the jam store activated its radio jammer to interrupt the phone signal used to detonate the explosive device.