The strong radio signal of the jammer can cut off all cell phone signals

There are many ways to get such a signal blocker, but the easiest is definitely if you can buy it on the Internet. This is why you should know that there are many different stores that can sell you the type of jammer device you are currently looking for. But we want to mention here that it is important to spend a lot of time looking for a reliable online store to make a purchase. Of course, you should know that there are many special people and forums that can provide valuable advice on which handheld jammer to choose. There are many models, and you can be sure to find a model that meets your requirements and suits your budget and needs.

Last but not least, please contact your local mobile communication provider to ensure that the frequency used in your country matches the frequency supported by the jammer. Always check the frequencies used in your country, because jammers don’t work in the US or Canada, but they work in Europe, which is disappointing. These are tips to know before getting any type of jammer.

From the perspective of cultural traditions, many Westerners believe that speaking out loud or making some sounds in public is a “bad habit”. But in New York, whether in cars, shops, or on the street, there are people with mobile phones everywhere. In movie theaters, theaters, churches, meeting rooms, and even at funerals, cell phone ringtones can be offensive, and users of the external self even put their cell phones on the vibration file, which can cause damage to certain facilities. Andrew, an architect from San Francisco, got on the train and sat next to a woman in her 20s. Since the lady had been holding her mobile phone in gossip when she was out, Andrew chose to be a “mobile phone guardian”-he reached into a shirt pocket the size of a cigarette box in the button of the mobile phone jammer. As a result, the strong radio signal from the jammer was enough to cut off all cell phone signals within a nine-meter radius.