Mobile jammers are the most searched in Google Trends

According to the recently released FCC portable cell phone jammer FAQ, these are “illegal radio transmitters designed to prevent, prevent or interfere with authorized radio communications.” And keep in touch. “Since the beginning of Philadelphia history, “mobile jammer” has been one of the top 10 searches in Google Trends. In the United States, it is illegal to own or use one without government permission. These devices can be sold on some websites , Most of them are operated by overseas distributors. Herbert said: “The second is fines and imprisonment. The Federal Communications Commission has made great efforts to prosecute those who sold and sold these devices. “The maximum fine for each crime is $16,000, and the maximum fine for a specific act is $112,500. Possession of an agent may also result in the confiscation of illegal equipment and criminals, including prisons and penalties. Herbert said: “The message is not to use them. . There really is no point in using them. If someone else is using the phone next to you, please walk away. “So far, Herbert told us that he has not heard of anyone being arrested while using a mobile phone handheld jammer.

I listened attentively to these arguments, and worried that my fast filling of the minibar in the comfortable DC hotel would cause the court to make a final decision under the privacy law. This thought-provoking fear is not out of reach. The reason: I just arrived at BYOB to get soda, beer and snacks from the hotel’s minibar-I saved it for later replacement with Sierra Nevada beer. I didn’t see the notice in the refrigerator until later: When the Supreme Court questioned whether Americans have “reasonable” expectations, their activities will not be electronically monitored. But today, we paid $300 for this hotel room. When millions of people “voluntarily” check everything on FourSquare and Facebook, it will secretly monitor your alcohol consumption, and we will automatically provide each type of application. Mobile jammer devices, we will use all rights to follow us anytime, anywhere.

In my opinion, all the respondents to the OPA survey complained that they would not be able to imagine their lives without a smartphone. This is a rure answer to this important question, so I suspect someone will find that at least a group of people equate smartphones with food and water. Fixed language is important, so if millions of smartphone users are willing to agree completely when someone asks them “Do they need a smartphone to live”, I think that is totally wrong. Many people may not think too much about modern life just because of the rapid development of many new technologies. Although it is understandable that these new technologies not only bring us convenience and benefits, but also bring serious problems. It is true that anyone who is not keen on technology will think that understanding how these gadgets are developed is not very good, but for all other gadgets, using smart devices is exciting. Interference is a good example.