Potential customers outside the U.S. transfer illegal GPS signal jammers

Wolfhound-Lite is the latest jammer device in the series. It looks like a simple pager, pocket-sized and works completely hands-free. It is used to detect nearby mobile phone activity and notify its users. It has a 9V battery that can be removed and recharged, a beautiful OLED display and a carrying case. As you can see, Berkeley Varitronics Systems provides many devices for potential customers, who can be people who track your phone and detect your location. Their equipment uses the GSM frequency band in their work, and sometimes the GPS frequency band. Therefore, you must use a GSM gps blocker to ensure that Berkeley Varitronics Systems equipment will not harm you.

According to a recent report released by the Online Publishing Association, statistics show that 68% of smartphone users today say that they would not survive without a valuable smartphone. I guess this is a group of stubborn children. No matter what kind of job or job you are in, you can live without a smartphone. Therefore, you will see that wireless technology not only brings us benefits, but also brings new risks. These risks cannot be minimized or eliminated by the methods used in wired networks. Even the use of Wi-Fi is prohibited in the organization, some executives can connect to the wireless network, and put the entire company network at great risk. More and more companies have concluded that Wi-Fi interfering devices may be a suitable solution.

The Federal Communications Commission, the US telecom regulator, has launched 20 enforcement actions against online providers in 20 states to illegally sell more than 200 phones, GPS jammers, Wi-Fi jammers and similar signal blocking equipment. “Our company should send a strong message to all Signal Protection retailers that we will not continue to violate many federal laws. The blockade poses a major threat to public safety and may bring unexpected and even dangerous consequences to customers and first responders. “Said Michelle Allison, director of law enforcement. Therefore, the Radiocommunication Bureau requires all online sellers to take urgent action to stop selling GPS jammers to customers in the United States and its regions. These steps may include transferring illegal signal jammers from online stores and potential customers outside the United States, and refusing to trade signal jammers or conducting business transactions with American customers.