Jammer interferes with radio frequency to affect radio communication

Satellite jammers or jammers are a censorship system, so governments or hackers or criminals will block access to satellites and hinder the free flow of information. He also believes that technological interference is intentional. Mike Stevens, an ethical hacker of the International Cyber ​​Security Association, explained that satellite interference violates Article 15 of the International Telecommunication Union’s Radio Regulations.

If a government like China that does not allow freedom of speech and the government wants to control media and communications through other communication methods (such as satellite), the government can sometimes look for options for satellite interference. . It can help governments or organizations control the media and control satellite TV or radio from abroad.

According to the information provided by experts from the training school, incidents of handheld jammer or satellite jammers have been reported in Russia, Cuba, Iran, China, and even the United States. James Taylor, an expert in computer security. International satellite transponders receive information through uplink stations that may be television stations or enterprises, and then satellites transmit signals through various downlink stations on the ground.

Satellite orbit interference involves hackers or criminals directly sending conflicting signals to themselves or to the satellite being attacked by hackers. Uplink station. When sending a strong interference signal, the frequencies are mixed and the original signal is interrupted, and no one can hear the original signal or channel.

Since the satellite system works in groups of channels, when a channel is scrambled, all other channels in the group are also interrupted. The orbital interference of certain governments means that censorship is implemented not only in your country/region, but also in other countries/regions and regions. For example, if a democracy-oriented radio station suffers an orbital interference or an orbital interference attack in China, all viewers in India who are connected on the same frequency from the same satellite will not be able to access the radio channel. According to experts in the “Ethical Hacking” course, adjacent channels can also be affected by jammers.

Interference to the ground or interference to the ground occurs at a specific location and involves equipment. Ground interference does not fix satellites like satellite orbit interference, but sends contradictory signals directly to local user-level satellite antennas. The conflicting frequency is specific to a certain area and only interferes with satellite signals at a specific location. The small portable jammer has a range of 5 kilometers in the urban area. Large jammers have a range of up to 50 kilometers. Jammers can also interfere with radio frequencies and affect radio communications between police and hospitals. Consumers are not aware of ground or orbital interference. Computer security training experts explained that the technology required for satellite jamming is fairly standard, easily available, and costs about US$4,000 to US$30,000.