Jammers will cause 4g network crash

Mobile radio technology seems destined to be used in LoRaWAN-based alarm systems for tarpaulins and door security, such as those from Iot partners such as Sigfox or Theftex. As a result, the state’s first crime bureaus and insurance companies are keen to use them-and 0G radio alerts look good for buses, taxis or other transportation fleets.

A non-interfering alarm system increases the risk of investigations within the ring, including seizures and seizures of thieves like Shearer. For commercial vehicles, such systems should reliably signal broken truck and trailer tarpaulins via radio to freight forwarders, drivers, police and other operations centers.

However, Andreas Gießler, managing director of the tarpaulin manufacturer Theftex, explained that the 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks used for this purpose are very susceptible to interference and are therefore a gateway for thieves.

Cheap and convenient 3G/4G/5g jammer
Because the cargo thief can easily obtain the necessary jammers in Darknet for 150 euros. Even simple GSM jammers (illegal but inexpensive and easy to transport anywhere) cause the 3G, 4G or 5G communication of the alarm system to collapse.

If the mobile network fails, the long-distance network (LoRaWAN) theft report can also be deducted. 0G radio networks are a security alternative because they make even organized gangs too expensive to attack radio alarm systems in vehicles.

Modern 0G networks such as Sigfox networks use LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology and can only be interfered by military transmitters. Because they are large and heavy, they are easy to see on the street. Langfinger was also discouraged by its high price (thousands of euros) and high logistical work.

Therefore, in 70 countries/regions around the world, Gießler believes that “the high immunity of the Sigfox 0G network […] can be used as the main communication channel, or at least as a backup solution.” In Germany, the network coverage has reached 85%, at least in outdoor applications with complete functions, indoors with triple redundancy and even more and more functions (starting from February 2020).

The police and insurance companies are convincing
“0G messages are sent with three-hop frequency hopping. In addition, they not only receive one base station, but usually at least three base stations. Due to the high link budget, this ensures extremely high transmission security,” he said. Aurelius Wosylus, Sales Director of Sigfox Germany.

Fleet operators that purchase 0G network intrusion detection systems in this way have already received subsidies from insurance brokers. For example, Schunk promises a discount of 400 euros for each alarm tarpaulin ordered. It remains to be seen how Theftex, Sigfox and other 0G partners establish their position in buses, taxis and other vehicles and logistics fleets.